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The origin of tattoos were so ancient and its mythology was starting According from  historian and  archaeological  which first around 12000 years. Old bowls with red pigments were found on that time of age from Europe in 18th century after that  images of  people in  stones around 5000 BC old that ancients things found in Romanian region.

This  tradition was so old and have found in all tradition like Europe, Asia (specially Far east),Africa , and two new world continents the culture of all have indigenous population and still they were common with that cause and as Islamic fundamentalist we have believe that its prohibited in our Religion and some of our Authenticated books put an Anecdote when Allah throw  Satan from heaven so that time Satan asked many thing which he need in earth to survived to he asked to Allah where I have to write my writing  so Allah give him away that Writing on Body(Tattoos)is your writing. on which behalf its prohibited in our Religion so where is Muslim majority we can’t see this Tradition a bit alive.

Whether it still alive much way in world today and used from decades so much variety adopted in it and people put this on their body as a fashion or holy Imploration as to their recent surveys one fifth of British have cool tattoos on it body and Gordon brown wife has also one tattoo on her body

It gives a very much painful pain and has to performing this act with Gameness and still many people did it perfectly on it bodies Halloween parties are going on so the people especially young guys and girls have come and design cool and sexy tattoos on their bodies to give big boom at a Halloween parties

Have big larger salons of tattoos in those Countries to where they guide and out tattoos according to their personality to enhance it. like In South Asian side a Mehndi tradition and its fashion works in girls in that areas tattoos fashion grows and people are keep update with it to put design on specific part there are many steps are follows to make person unique to others and shows its life scenario to other too

  1. It’s may be creative
  2. Inspired from someone
  3. Design on such part which give attraction to others all time when they see you
  4. Artistic beauty also showing from it
  5.  Always a story of your life behind it

So many tattoos on body give it attraction to girls or girls to boy that it can brook pain much on body means it bear life difficulties and a high Brook n a big sign to choose a life partner.

Tribal tattoos, old school and realistic designs are famous designing in current generation

Tattoos needle also a play big role in it last decade it become big cause of Aids in young generation now have some standard in it to overcome that Aids infection spreading after completing tattoo on body it will take 2 to 3 week precisely to over its pain it become industry on those countries and fasting growing one because youth of that a Countries take it as a Necessary dose

PTI’s Taliban Solution

disagree with pTI policy about TTP

I Opyne

To get a measure of Malala’s courage one only needs to look at pictures of beheaded corpses on display in Mingora’s “Khooni Chowk”. It was no small achievement to write those diaries despite the gruesome warnings. Therefore, it was no exaggeration when Malala was awarded the title of “The Bravest Girl in the World”.

However, this title can be a bit misleading because her courage surpasses not only that of the girls of this world, but also of grown up men. Men such as the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek I Insaaf (PTI), who confessed on TV that he refrains from criticizing the Taliban for fears of reprisals targeted at PTI.

Fear is a very human emotion and can be a valid reason for maintaining silence, but under no circumstances should it warrant the spreading of disinformation. It is a fact that when Malala was writing her diaries from Mingora and…

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