Prophets Of Hate


Indention of suicide attacks in Pakistan since 2007 after that Lal Masjid operation where this operation was disliked by the people of Pakistan and give away to some militant to join themselves to work on their other mission which is against the Government of Pakistan like somehow they worked for Pakistan in Afghan jihad and the Kashmir jihad now the funding from ISI were stopped so for that behalf it neither good for Pakistan nor for Jihad.


In 2004 Pak army entered in tribe areas by the pressure  of USA to put operation on Foreigners who lives in tribe area after Afghan jihad  of 90s and marriage in local tribes and have a families there but after US entered in Afghanistan in 2001  that foreigners were include with Afghans Taliban’s to help them and use Pakistan area as safe heavens so when the PAK ARMY PUT operation against them some Pakistan militant which have sympathy for that foreigners  there moment come to gain sympathy with people on the name of JIHAD and make some initially funding  so this way they made a militant organization which work against Pakistan and last but not leash mistake done by Govt. Of Pakistan on LAL Masjid.

Foreign Countries Exploitation

A famous quotes ‘An enemy’s enemy is a best friend” so those militant who against US in starting of Afghans war have now become friend of them the used them fund them give latest equipment to fight against PAK Arm forces and weak Pakistan Internally. USA has some interesting role for using them first is that in bush administration Pakistan military bureaucracy takes funding from US and trained Afghan Taliban and used against US army now days its famous name wing is HAQQANI network and Majlis-e-shore  Quetta. So USA used that militant orphans against Pakistan in the name of sympathy like drone attacks and make pressurize Pakistan too and dependent  on USA also .CIA bans it this Organization after the pressure of PAK govt. But the hidden spot on for them when some Big Attacks on military occurs in Pakistan  the person which Pak army nominated to that incident  they killed that person via drone Attacks and there are some proof  like Ilyas KAshmiri and Baitulllah Mashhad
According to wiki leak INDIA IRAN KSA UAE are adduced to funding TTP against in which now Pushtu separatist which are against the attacks and need another country each country have their own aims to use this against Pakistan India need to surround PAKISTAN from eastern and western border Iran UAE KSA have some there Middle east issues mainly known as sectarian war and use Pakistan as Proxy country.





The Pakistani public has divided into two parties. One are with them  second are against them but the same main streak parties all in favor with them they condemn it on such events but can’t do nothing because they love their lives just ANP PPP are against them so they victim by their Attacks Every time Pakistan Taliban need a shelter of peace and make its leg strong to Attack against Pakistan Arm forces around 13 agreement between Pakistan arm forces some break by them and 1 broke by US attacks and give them a sympathy in Public that they are so innocent .

May 2009 Operation Rah-e-Nijad  exposes them very much in public , blasting school of girls with killing civilians  using suicide bombs are main factor which blow the sympathy ratio in Public according to 2011 gallop ratio is Near 25%.




Still operation is launching in the tribal areas against them but they  still survive thanks to the USA and other countries when .To get rid of them we need to give a stable government in Afghanistan which is pro Pakistan India and USA so which give easy departure for US army in 2014 and stop funding them so the Pakistan army easily counter them and stop Insurgence  in Pakistan and make a stable Nation